Milk Haulage

SRH Milk Haulage's business is the daily transportation of bulk milk from the farmers to factories with the use of our specialised farm collection tankers.

SRH Milk Haulage train all staff in the correct way to grade farm milk, correct sampling methods for the client and the use of pumping on and off.

Start / Pre-trip Check
  • They are dressed in correct uniform.
  • Ensures there is adequate ice for samples. Notices, cleaning equipment.
  • Walks around truck and checks all requirements of pre-trip check.
  • Ensure truck is reasonably clean.
Driver arrives at farm
  • Starts the vats agitator.
  • Grandes the milk.
  • Checks temperature of milk is within specification.
  • Connects host to farm vat.
  • Enters required information into tanker computer.
  • Start pump and pump all milk into tanker.
  • Wash out vat as per farmer instruction.
Tanker arrives at factory
  • Driver takes sample from tanker.
  • Perform antibiotic testing.
  • Unload milk at designated factory.
  • CIP tanker.

SRH Milk Haulage also transports milk and milk products from factory to factory in linehaul tankers.